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The Osirian Archtype

The Osirian Archtype

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In the early period of predynastic Egyptian history, there was a teaching of the Osirian doctrine. This was a special teaching describing the philosophy of mastering and discovering one's true self. Pepi Mckenzie has uncovered the link between the Osirian doctrine and a contemporary American gang's philosophy. This book explains the link between the Osirian doctrine and one of Chicago's most prominent gangs. This revolutionary discovery teaches the ten steps to overcoming a chaotic gang lifestyle, promoting peace, and healing the criminal heart through self-discovery.

Pepi Mckenzie contends that the essence of the Vice Lord street organization's higher-self/lower-self philosophy did not spring from the west side of Chicago, Illinois, but from Ancient Kemetic sacred hieroglyphic writings, vignettes, and the Kemetic Mystery traditions.

He compares the ancient Osirian doctrine and its higher-self/lower-self ideals with the literature of the Vice Lord's organization to illustrate how its essence springs from ancient Kemet/Africa. This revolutionary, never before written, understanding of the Osirian Mystery School illustrates that the concept Vice Lord derives from an ancient Kemetic mystery cult.

NBU - The Osirian Archtype restores the essence of the higher-self/lower-self ideals to its rightful place in history.

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