Resources for People in Prison

Welcome to Cadmus Publishing, new genre of publications for and by people in prisons: identified by governments and search engines as Inmates or prisoners. Thus, please pardon the keyword insertions, we mean no disrespect, we just want our Inmate authors to be found.

Our Goal:
To provide an equal playing field for authors in prison. You see, Inmate authors have zero access to the internet, to their profile pages on Amazon, to social media unless a friend or family member does it for them. People in prisons, Inmates, prisoners have no affordable alternatives to promote their creative talents until now.

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding Books By Prisoners to this Interactive Bookstore where visitors may read content from Authors in prison, leave messages, comments, purchase books by inmates, check out their blogs, videos and next projects. Or purchase a gift for a person in prison.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm George Kayer and you may email me at: