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The Galactic Island

The Galactic Island

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THE GALACTIC ISLAND is a timeless classic that you're sure to enjoy reading again and again. It was written by a bright and upcoming talent from a very unusual place- the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. This amazing story was given to the author's daughter, Brittney, as a gift from her father, and it tells about the adventures of a young college student named Trell LeCour, who grew up in the Calliope projects in New Orleans. The story begins with Trell's disappearance after an offshore drilling accident sends him to a world where dreams (and nightmares) come to life. He winds up on a mysterious island where he meets a beautiful mermaid named Azoria, who warns him about a terrifying beast that is threatening to destroy her world and everything in it. Sapian, the red dragon, is gathering his armies for a great battle. But the dragon's plans are in jeopardy because of a prophecy held by the wizards of Azoria's world that predicts the coming of a savior who will wage war against the beast and lead her people to a promised land called Atlantica. Azoria believes that Trell is the savior from the prophecy, but can she convince him of the same or will the red dragon prevail and bring about the end of days? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, brewing behind the stars, a day of reckoning is coming and God is summoning His most powerful angels to meet in Elysium where He will reveal to them the "chosen one" who will lead His archangels into battle to defend the greatest kingdom in all the heavens... the Kingdom of Zion. Two worlds, two wars, and the ultimate showdown is only the beginning of the epic journey ahead of our young hero. He must adhere to the prophecy and follow the wise teachings of the oracle and the last Great Elder Romulus before learning how to conjure magic spells written in hieroglyphic symbols that can only be decoded by a mystical cipher called the [Key of Adwah]. Caught in a harrowing struggle between the forces of good and evil, Trell must rely on his unyielding faith in God to survive the devil's plan and return home to the family he loves.

Remarkable in its delivery and filled with knowledgeable content, The Galactic Island--like the book of Revelation--recounts the siege of one man's vision regarding how the world ends, but from an extraordinarily raw and uncensored "urban" point of view. You will laugh and cry and you may even get angry when reading about issues that deeply affect you. You will find the dialogue intriguing and the subject matter intense, at every turn of the page the author challenges you to discern fact from fiction and makes you question what is real and what is make-believe.

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