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Professional Basic Composite Cover

Professional Basic Composite Cover

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We will create a composite to bring your idea into reality. Here you can have multiple characters and elements but details will be limited. The request can be advanced but complexity and details limited. (Examples: “A big red dragon with horns and red eyes flying and spitting fire over a dark cloudy sky with a full moon in the background. There is another blue dragon flying in the back” - “The silhouette of a young woman with short curly hair holding a gun together with the silhouette of a young man with a cowboy hat also holding a gun. Background is dark and you can see the stars along with a plane flying in the sky” - “A 2 floor wooden cabin in the middle of the woods. Outside the cabin you can see 2 brown dogs laying on the grass. The background has a beautiful sunset and there are multiple birds flying around” etc.).

 Every front cover in this package contains the book title and author(s) name(s). 1B and 1C include spine with book title and author(s) name(s)

3A) Front Cover Image

3B) Front Cover Image + Blank Back Cover with Synopsis/Text + Spine 

3C) Front & Back Cover Image with Synopsis/Text + Spine 

3D) Wrap-Up Continued Image for Front, Spine & Back Cover with Synopsis/Text  

What we need from you:

  • A quick description of the image you have in mind for the front and/or back cover (see examples)
  • Book Title
  • Back Cover Synopsis/Text (3B, 3C and 3D)
  • Author(s) Name(s)
  • Number of pages in your book (3B, 3C and 3D)
  • Book Cover size

Approximate time of completion: 5 days

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