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Basic AI Cover

Basic AI Cover

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We will create a unique image for you with the help of AI, which will then be adapted to fit your book cover dimensions. Results may not match all the details and the request must be basic (Examples: “A big red dragon flying and spitting fire over a dark cloudy sky” - “The silhouette of a young woman holding a gun with a dark background” - “A cabin in the woods and a beautiful sunset in the background” etc.).

Every front cover in this package contains the book title and author(s) name(s). 1B and 1C include spine with book title and author(s) name(s)

2A) Front Cover Image 

2B) Front Cover Image + Blank Back Cover with Synopsis/Text + Spine

2C) Front & Back Cover Image with Synopsis/Text + Spine

2D) Wrap-Up Continued Image for Front, Spine & Back Cover with Synopsis/Text

What we need from you:

  • A short description of the image you have in mind for the front and/or back cover (see examples)
  • Book Title
  • Back Cover Synopsis/Text (2B, 2C and 2D)
  • Author(s) Name(s)
  • Number of pages in your book (2B, 2 C and 2D)
  • Book Cover size

Approximate time of completion: 4 days

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