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A Light of Other Suns

A Light of Other Suns

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Otherworldly wonders enthrall the colonists as they brave ever more alien worlds. Yet bewildering phenomena befall those souls who vie for a future on a dying planet. And time slips from its mooring as the universe swirls into chaos...

Dr. Kyle Elmhurst's survey team gets swept into a bizarre future during an eruption in the Antarctic in 2031. In the Gulf of Alaska, marine biologist Joyce Levine and the Spartan's crew confront an alien vortex. FBI Agent Cole Defoe solves a ghastly mystery in Oregon. Years later a lovely recluse, Dalya bin Sinai, betrays an angel spy in Gaza, while xeno-tourists brave peril on Blood Moon. By 2079, an albino outcast, Zdyah Uhuru, sacrifices all to undo a cataclysm that has marooned Kenya's land mass far from Sol. In 2273, other memory haunts Lieutenant Commander Sidru Neegh as the AAF Fatimah hurls toward horror in the Endyr Nebula. A hybrid misfit, Oshii, defies the odds on Ijnar even as his father, Earl Dagarth, evades capture by malevolent Terjj in the Coral Galaxy. Unlikely explorers face giants centuries later in a quest to uplift Earth's amphibians.

In a poetic homage to humanity's journey beyond Earth's blue sky and fast vanishing natural wonders, Angelo Niles offers a final chapter - Songs of Eternity. Alongside fantastic worlds and mythical verse, Niles shares intimate reflections on life and the cosmos.

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