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A Conviction Based Upon Lies

A Conviction Based Upon Lies

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This book was written to awaken you to your magnificence and internal attentiveness to your surroundings, if you just open your mind. Matthew Pugh reveals a power that anyone who is dealing with these circumstances can learn, using basic techniques and principles to improve personally and in life overall.

The corruption that infected the investigation of my case has been exposed. This book shines a light and gives understanding to the way people in power abuse such power and the law.

The 60-year sentence given to me is a wrongful conviction that was based upon lies and withheld evidence. This book intends to lend understanding of my Due Process, which was denied, and of how my Constitutional Rights were violated, resulting in a wrongful conviction.

Everyone wants in, but all do not have the vision. As most people love to complain and lack a desire to improve the situation that they find themselves in. I am an uncommon Breed who understands that my downfall has been preyed upon. Knowing this, I am motivated to find the strength within, to believe that I can do all things I set my mind to even when no one else sees it. I believe in myself 100-percent, because I'm a different Breed. I move in life a different way. I never blend in but always execute my actions with the belief in victory.
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