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Author of A Conviction Based Upon Lies

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Different BREED In 2010 I felt trapped in the Lions den, when just 2yrsearlier, A young king was born, Militant,Aspiring,kid,Achieving,Victorious ,Encores,Leading,Inspiration, sounded the horn, For those that didn't catch that acronym, MAKAVELI is to blame but being a preemie, A c - section saved his fame. 7 Queens and now a king to carry our last name. For as you can see BREED never stopped breeding for the same. The family is now solidified, even though throughout the court system 60yrs to life is glorified! Why should I allow them to use corruption to banish a father from his kids,when exposing the TRUTH is the best way to live. 14 yrs and counting my freedom,For man has no control, God creates my kingdom!!! Many blessings to my supporters and my ANGEL EYES that watch over me,For through my faith, I will soon walk FREE!!! 1819

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