Angelo Niles

Author of A Light of Other Sons and The Coral Saga novels.

The Coral Saga trilogy

The Chronicles of Ghaz

The Runes of Ghaz, the Coral Saga is a trilogy set in a future realm, the Coral Galaxy. The Chronicles of Ghaz begins with the prologue Dawn's Starphire. On Tyre, the third moon of planet Lynx, Earl Dagarth gets teleported to ancient Ghaz, where he is proclaimed as the Awaited One, and soon enthralled in an epic war of the worlds. Despite their mystic powers, the Ambri are no match for the invading Terjj swarm.

"It's a good adventure, easily read."
- Tyree Campbell, Scifaikuest.

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The Pearls of Ijnar

Although The Chronicles of Ghaz saga end with Terjjah vanquished and Ambrithya at last risen from the ashes, there's no rest for the weary. The Pearls of Ijnar, begins a whole new adventure for Earl Dagarth and the motley heroes of the future universe of The Coral Saga. Earl's sweet hiatus on Lynx is fleeting as he gets ensnared in yet another alien conflict far from his beloved homeworld. Arlya Ai-One Seroh has sold his bio-scans to Fjoriian skyjacks. These mercenaries are renowned for their cunning espionage, and what they want is Earl's link to the Ambri prophecies.

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Clouds of Endyr

Earl Dagarth is again hurled into a chasm of alien intrigue as the galaxy unravels. Cindy Skyborne is the one soul in the galaxy who knows Earl’s true past—and what price the Terjj have put on his cells. The newly settled planet Cyrus 794G draws Terrans into a paradox beyond Eden’s Gate. The S’both energy beings with whom they’ve allied threaten to subsume every colonist—and indeed all life on the planet. Lydia Nev and an elite group of science officers join a desperate fight for survival in the Cyrus system even as the Coral Galaxy spirals into chaos. All the while, Queen Akirah vies for lasting peace for the fledgling Ambri hives on Ghaz. Thlags want control of the planet and improved status in the Terran Confederacy. Deep in the Endyr Nebula, the Terjj seek to settle a new home on Sharjah. Once their fleet is rebuilt, they’ll set their talons upon a long-coveted prize: planet Ghaz and her ice gas reserves.

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Shrines of Sharjah

Earl Dagarth finds no rest in his new life as the galaxy’s richest mogul. Born of a love tryst between Earl and Cindy Skyborne, Oshii and his twin sister Sari’ah are torn between two realms—one ruled by Terrans, the other by vengeful Terjj. Earl hides Oshii on a remote moon far from Terjjan eyes. Sari’ah is groomed as a weapon by General Marc Antony. Terrans hope to thwart an invasion from the Perthid Nebula with the help of Sari’ah’s cells. Against all odds, Earl and Lydia brave galactic war and mystic prophecy to save their worlds and the Terran Confederacy. Queen Akirah foresees a looming threat to her Ambri kith. Empress Nesrai wants Ghaz’s ice gas for Ijnaris and with it, hegemony in the stars. Yet their Terjj cousins have designs of their own. Grand Oracle Mage Chyriah Ozard peers into a future full of dark secrets and mythical plunder. But envy and mystic rivalry will cast a shadow on Sharjah’s newly risen shrines—and set the galaxy afire!

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About the Author

Angelo Niles has written several short stories and poems, appearing in Aoife's Kiss, Iron City, On Spec, Nova Science Fiction, and Star*Line. His Coral Saga novels span time and parallel universes. He lives in a desert retreat in Arizona where he's busy at work on his next adventure, The Suns of Coral.

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