Sodo Austin

Author of Yard Life: Expose, Real Life Inside of Prison.

Yard Life

"Yard Life" — (Exposé — Real Life Inside of Prison) is the non-fiction urban prison-lit by newbie author "Sodo Austin" which gives you a raw, edgy and authentic inside look into the un-balanced maze of prison and yard life. Taking you through a reversed journey from his eyes and experiences as It is with and by him, from prison to prison, as well as dealing with the "ill's and drama" of the outside world. From reflection to relationships in the form of "war stories" (a way inmates bond and connect), and being as vulnerable as he possible can be, using the language he feels his readers would be receptive to (equally standard English with a bit of slang combined).

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About the Author

Sodo Austin, Born & Raised a Long Beach California Native, Under the sign of Virgo in 1971 & is serving a Life sentence in the California Department of Corrections as of 2005. Since then, He's Studied & Earned his Certification in "Leadership & Management", From "Southern Utah University" in December 2023 & will be studying for his Bachelor's to further his Higher Education. He Enjoys Writing Poetry, Urban Novels, & Nonfiction, He's also an avid reader of both Urban & Nonfiction Genres.

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