Pepi Mckenzie

Author of The Osirian Archtype

About the Author

I am Pepi Mckenzie. I hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Twenty-seven years ago I was convicted and sentenced to thirty-years-to-life, for the role I played in unjustly taking another human beings life. That was a tragedy for which I am remorseful, and I deeply regret. Since the 42 Maat principles prohibited my actions; I am paying my price, and I will spend the rest of my days repairing the harm I have caused. Twenty-seven years of incarceration has given me time to ruminate on the forty-five years I have lived. Seventy five percent of it was pure chaos and disorder. From a dysfunctional family, to the yellow brick road, that led me to the doorsteps of my psychological destruction. It may be grim, however, there were a multitude of hard knock lessons and growing pains that have come to be blessings. It is from those hard knock lessons and growing pains, prompted me to write this book, and the ten development and growth steps, I used to assist me in distancing myself from a gang lifestyle that contributed to my endorsing antisocial values.

Although, I am not a sociologist, psychologist, Egyptologist, theologian, or theurgist. I know I have, at some point in my life, contributed to the destruction of the black community. Since I have spent a majority of my life accepting and endorsing antisocial beliefs, it is time for me to repair the harm by promoting a prosocial philosophy, which can help others during their life's journey, by presenting to them a revolutionary and positive message, which will inspire people to refocus and reach their full potential.

My mission is not to promote or endorse the Vice Lord philosophy. My mission is to teach. I am inspiring people by speaking their sub-cultural language. Since I have the ability to speak their language, I will use their language to show them how to be better human beings. My other objective is to provide insight to the status quo, into how a gang's literature (philosophy) can refine an individual's antisocial psyche. It must be clear, I have an anti-ignorance philosophy, which is the central theme of this work. If we don't know the potential that lies within us we can only fail humanity.

Take hold of the Kemetic knowledge in these works, and Uplift Fallen Humanity. I am no longer the hate that hate made, I am A MAN.

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