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Hello my Penitentiary interested audience, I'm Ghetto Chef. I was born on an air force base on Okinawa, Japan. All the unconditional love in my life had started disappearing in my life at a young age. My father, brother, and I moved to Arizona when I was fifteen. My parents were divorced so my mother stayed on Okinawa and I haven't seen her since 1993.

After moving to Arizona, my father past away a few years later, my brother had to move to another state for guardianship, and I with no guidance was just turning eighteen living a negative life which landed me in prison. Although prison is bad, prison is where I was saved by GOD. Most inmates in here choose to stay the same way or even come out worse and they give the very few that are trying to change for the better a bad name. My life has been very complicated and someday in the future I can write in detail my whole life story. Check out my other books I have published on, Ghetto Chef and Our Sun, Moon, 8 planets and some Dwarfs.

Ghetto Chef

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