George Kayer

Author of Sell Your Books from Prison and Victimly Insane: The Frank Jarvis Atwood Interview

About the Author

Long before George Kayer ended up on Death Row there were indications of natural talent as a writer. As early as 14 when George was first published in the National Rifle Association's magazine: American Rifleman. Shortly thereafter, George developed dyslexia and began failing English classes during high school.

In 2000 George read a copy of Plain Text by Nancy Mairs, it was the spark that reignited George's interest in writing. Determined to beat his dyslexia, he learned how to spell and construct a proper sentence at age 46. Once again George was submitting articles to prisoner publications and being published.

He became pen friends with Nancy Mairs until her passing in 2016, and credits her for his success. Victimly Insane is George's 15th book and he's currently working on his 16th.

When he's not writing George enjoys pen paling, a NFL game on the weekends and working with his favorite charity, The Human Rights Defense Center.

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