Dravion Ware

Author of Unafraid: A Champion's Way

Dravion Ware

Dravion Sanchez Ware was born in the mid 90's in the heart and heat of Atlanta GA.  At Crawford Long Hospital. Dravion Was raised by a single teenage mother in the deep trenches of the City Of Atlanta.  Dravion was born into the position of been a natural born leader early on in his childhood life where he is a big brother and had to look after his younger siblings. Growing up in Dravion's life he has made many mistakes, experience all type of forms of failures,setback and different kinds of trials through out his life.Dravion always tell himself just as well as other (THAT GIVING UP IS NOT A OPTION).  One Greatest thing about Dravion he never allow his past adversities to keep him from moving upward. I promise you that Dravion past is what gives him the drive, push to achieve all his dreams and goals.  Dravion realize within himself that none of your dreams and goals will come true unless you work to make them come true.  Dravion put all his time into studying and learning.  Dravion did all this to change his life to help others and induce others to positive change.  Dravion is now a manifestation of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that he has inquired through out his life.  This Modus Operandi of Dravion Sanchez Ware is apart of his dreams and goals. His mission, that he has made is to be committed to helping others achieve their dreams and goals. To give to others his knowledge,  wisdom, and understanding. His main goals with his guides is to help add value to others people life because you may not know what the other person is going through in their life at moment.  Dravion is only a builder and molder to help others achieve in their personal life.  Dravion is here to Inspire, uplift, motivate people from all walks of life.  NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

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