Dashay Denise

Author of Practice Makes Permanent and H.O.P.E.

Dashay's Books

Practice Makes Permanent

Vaan wants nothing more than to join the soccer team. He believes that being smaller than the other kids may cause him to be overlooked. Still, he keeps practicing. At tryouts, he will learn valuable lessons in believing in himself and refusing to give up.

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H.O.P.E. is a book meant to inspire individuals to be positive and believe in themselves, to believe in their own power to improve their life and the world around them. Many of us have been through traumatic experiences that have made us feel as if we are stuck in a pit surrounded by darkness. H.O.P.E. is a book that can uncover methods that an individual can use in order to channel their own light and come out of the darkness. Each chapter includes one method that I've learned and have chosen to share others, written in a way that speaks directly to the reader. H.O.P.E. includes interactive challenges/journal entries that are created to help the reader apply the methods to their lives and see for themselves that anything is possible for them.

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About Dashay Denise

Dashay Denise, from South Louisiana, is 24 years old. Although incarcerated, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Sciences at Tulane University. Her children's book, Practice Makes Permanent, was written in hopes of empowering our youth. In releasing her second book, H.O.P.E., she hopes to encourage personal growth and self-love in each of her readers.

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